Newsletter SMS

The SMS Newsletter has become an integral part of many companies' marketing strategies, and the differences in rates between email and SMS are becoming increasingly apparent. Today, we will examine why the SMS Newsletter can be a key tool in communicating with customers and what advantages it brings over traditional e-mails.

The open rate is the first and also one of the most important factors differentiating SMS Newsletter from e-mail. Statistics leave no illusions - SMS is opened much more often than emails. Somewhere between 90% and even 98% of SMS sent are opened within three minutes of receipt, while the open rate of e-mails is only about 15-25%. This huge difference shows that SMS has a much better chance of reaching its addressee.

Another major difference is the response time. Text messages are instantaneous—when the phone rings, we usually reach for it right away, which is a natural reflex. The same is true of text messages. That's why SMS newsletters can generate faster responses and higher engagement than traditional emails, which can wait in the inbox long. The next advantage of the SMS Newsletter is simplicity and brevity. SMS requires a short, concise message. There is no room for long-winded descriptions or lengthy introductions. So this form of communication forces clarity and brevity, which can be advantageous in a world of information noise. Recipients can quickly understand the message and take appropriate action.High effectiveness is another argument in favor of SMS newsletters. Studies show that the click-through rate for links contained in SMS is much higher than for e-mails. SMS can generate more conversions and better marketing results than traditional emails.

In summary, SMS newsletters offer several advantages over traditional emails. With higher open rates, faster response times, simplicity and brevity, and high effectiveness, it is an increasingly popular form of communication for companies. In an era of increasing competition and shorter attention spans of recipients, the SMS Newsletter can be a key tool in building customer relationships and achieving business goals.

Team 2way