SMS Marketing for eCommerce

How to increase sales through best practices in eCommerce SMS marketing?

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As we all know, email covers customer service in ecommerce. But, SMS has its niche - both buyers and store owners confirm. Texting has several unique advantages. It helps solve problems and meet customers expectations faster. But it also helps close sales. By integrating e-commerce sales with customer service. - the right way for SMS marketing.

Below is an example of a client from the telecommunications industry. He had set up his internal sales contact center with all communication channels. These include phone, chat, and email. SMS features were initially missing.

The potential of text messaging in communicating with online store customers is significant.

In our analysis, we audited customer behavior on the eCommerce store. We found that over 60% of the traffic came from mobile devices – a familiar scenario, right? However, most sales came from customers visiting the site on a desktop. Analysis showed that customers were reluctant to use the chat. It took up too much page space and blocked content. Also, there was a navigation issue on the website. The chat widget sometimes lost connection with the customer when changing pages.

2way SMS Chat widget significantly increased mobile conversions.

After introducing the text message bubble (SMS Chat), the proportion of conversations from the mobile channel surged by over 90%! Customers appreciated the ability to text and return to conversations at any time. One year after we implemented it, it was clear that customers no longer needed to visit the site to check for store contact numbers. They already had the number and didn't need to search for it.Thanks to this tool, incremental sales across the entire site increased by more than 19%.

2way SMS App: stay connected with your customers

But the benefits of SMS extend beyond initial contact. A few months later, another critical development occurred in the SMS channel.

Today, if somebody calls and you're unavailable, for example, in a meeting, you can send a templated SMS like 'I'm in a meeting' or 'I'll call you back later.' Our research indicates that when unable to answer a call, 13% of customers respond with an SMS.

Thanks to the integration with our 2-way SMS App, we can schedule a specific contact time to write back to customers. Moreover, the channel is interchangeable: a customer can call back from an SMS or send an SMS if unable to answer a call.

This multi-channel approach has greatly improved customer experience. It has also boosted sales metrics by 19%.

🏆 Use case achievements

90% growth in conversions

from the mobile channel, because customers can return to the conversation anytime.

19% increase in sales

across the entire site, due to multi-channel approach and channel interchangeability

Success in three steps: That's how you can achieve it!


Sales underperformance from mobile device visit


Conduct customer behavior audit. Implement 2way SMS Chat. Enable two-way customer texting.


90% increase in mobile channel conversions 19% growth in overall sales.

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Customer testimonials

I highly recommend 2way SMS service and SMS newsletter application for its versatility and effectiveness in running marketing campaigns. With this application, you will be able to easily manage your customer communication by sending personalized SMS messages and effectively run SMS newsletter campaigns.

Nikodem Grzeszczuk

Head of Digital Marketing, Rockwool

We’ve been using 2way SMS for our business, and it has been a game-changer. The ability to directly text our customers has opened up a whole new avenue for communication and marketing. With 2way SMS, we can engage with our customers by answering their questions, sending promotions, or collecting feedback. Our customers appreciate the personalized updates, appointment reminders, and special offers delivered straight to their phones. Damian has been essential to the success of our marketing efforts and the implementation of this new service.

Chase Roedel

Head of Marketing, Permaseal

SMS Marketing for Ecommerce FAQ

Interested in discovering more about SMS Marketing for Ecommerce? Below, we've responded to some frequently asked questions. If you require further assistance, tips, or best practices, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

Reasons to Use SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

One of the primary reasons SMS marketing is used in e-commerce is its high open rate. With most recipients opening and reading text messages within minutes, it ensures that marketing messages are seen promptly. Additionally, SMS marketing allows for streamlined customer communication, delivering time-sensitive information such as order confirmations and delivery updates.

Getting Started with SMS for E-commerce

To embark on the journey of SMS marketing for ecommerce, businesses must first build a subscriber list. This involves obtaining phone numbers from customers and obtaining their consent to receive SMS updates. Once the subscriber list is established, businesses can craft compelling messages and devise strategies to promote their ecommerce brand through text messages.

Best Practices for SMS Marketing in Ecommerce

When employing SMS marketing for ecommerce, it's crucial to adhere to best practices to ensure optimal results. This includes obtaining customer consent before sending promotional messages and personalizing content marketing to enhance relevance. Furthermore, businesses should craft concise and compelling messages that provide value to recipients, ultimately driving engagement and conversion rates.

Tips and Strategies for Launching SMS Marketing Campaigns

When launching SMS marketing campaigns for ecommerce, businesses should consider the timing and frequency of their messages to optimize engagement. Crafting compelling call-to-action messages and incorporating personalized offers can further enhance the effectiveness of these campaigns, driving customer interaction and increasing conversion rates.

How to Use SMS to Promote Your Ecommerce Brand

To promote an ecommerce brand effectively, businesses can harness the power of SMS marketing by sending out promotional messages tailored to the preferences of their audience. Whether offering time-limited discounts, sharing exciting product updates, or inviting customers to exclusive events, SMS marketing can create a sense of exclusivity and urgency that motivates customers to make purchases.

Building Your SMS Subscriber List for Ecommerce

An essential aspect of utilizing text messages for an ecommerce business is building a robust subscriber list. Incentivizing customers to subscribe to SMS updates by offering exclusive discounts or a first look at new arrivals can effectively grow the subscriber base, providing a direct channel to engage with potential customers and drive sales.

Using SMS Campaigns as a Marketing Tool for Ecommerce

SMS campaigns serve as a potent marketing tool for ecommerce, allowing businesses to directly engage with their customer base, announce new arrivals, and drive traffic to their online store. With the potential for high open and conversion rates, SMS campaigns can significantly impact a company's marketing efforts, resulting in increased sales and brand visibility.

Exploring SMS Marketing Automation in Campaigns

With the advancement of marketing automation tools, businesses can streamline their SMS campaigns, scheduling messages, and personalizing communication based on customer behavior and preferences. This automation saves time and enables businesses to deliver timely and relevant messages to their customers, enhancing the overall effectiveness of their SMS strategies.

Differentiating SMS message and Email Marketing in Ecommerce

While email marketing allows for more elaborate content and visuals, SMS marketing offers immediate and direct customer communication. Understanding the unique benefits of each channel empowers businesses to utilize them effectively to engage customers at different touchpoints in their customer journey.

Advantages of Using SMS Marketing over Email Marketing

The immediacy and high open rates of SMS text provide a significant advantage over email marketing. SMS is a great and opened within minutes of receipt, making them ideal for time-sensitive promotions and urgent customer communications.

Integrating SMS tool and Email in Your Marketing Platform

Ecommerce businesses can create a cohesive and multi-faceted marketing strategy by integrating SMS and email marketing in their platform. Utilizing the unique strengths of each channel boosts customer engagement while maximizing reach and impact, ultimately driving e-commerce sales and brand loyalty.

Maximizing SMS Strategy for Your Ecommerce Store

Maximizing the SMS strategy for an ecommerce store involves continuously refining and optimizing campaigns based on customer feedback and engagement data. Understanding the impact of different messaging strategies and leveraging marketing automation tools allows businesses to adapt and enhance their SMS marketing efforts, ultimately driving increased revenue and customer retention.

In conclusion, SMS marketing has emerged as an indispensable tool for ecommerce platform to engage customers, drive sales, and foster brand loyalty. With the potential to deliver concise, impactful messages directly to customers' phones, SMS marketing offers unparalleled opportunities to enhance the e-commerce experience, ultimately leading to increased sales and business growth.

Effective SMS digital marketing Strategies for Ecommerce

Successful SMS marketing campaigns for ecommerce comprise essential components such as clear calls to action, engaging content, and offers tailored to the preferences and behavior of the target audience.

Ecommerce businesses can build and grow their SMS subscriber list by offering sign-up incentives, leveraging multiple touchpoints for opt-ins, and promoting the value of receiving exclusive offers and updates via SMS.

Examples of successful SMS marketing messages for e-commerce business stores include limited-time discounts, new product announcements, and personalized recommendations based on previous purchase history.

Implementing SMS Marketing Tools for Ecommerce

An effective SMS marketing platform tailored for ecommerce should encompass features like contact management, message scheduling, campaign analytics, and integration capabilities with e-commerce platforms and other marketing tools.

Getting started with text message marketing for an ecommerce business involves setting clear objectives, understanding the target audience, and selecting a reliable SMS marketing provider that aligns with the brand's needs and goals.

Businesses can use text message campaigns as a marketing tool for their ecommerce efforts by crafting compelling content, segmenting recipients, and tracking campaign performance to optimize future messaging strategies.

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