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Bridge the gap with our 2WAY QR Code to Text Message generator. Link offline and online interactions. Prepare a catchy square pattern for a simple scan. Lead your audience into a personal text conversation, a call, a special offer, or to a landing page.


QR Codes are widely recognized. Engage users via text as soon as they scan your QR code. This reduces friction and potential customer drop-off. Offer Personalized Responses based on keywords. Make each user's experience feel personal and relevant, thereby increasing conversion rates. The Auto-Response feature increases customer satisfaction by ensuring immediate interaction.


Easy Integration allows you to apply QR codes in various contexts. Apply them on packages, leaflets, or displays. Broaden marketing campaign touchpoints. Multi-Device Compatibility guarantees a seamless user experience across all devices, enhancing audience reach.


User Segmentation enables you to create targeted marketing strategies based on keywords. Resonate more with specific audience segments. Deliver higher engagement and conversion rates. The Analytics Dashboard helps in making informed decisions. Provide actionable insights into campaign performance. Tailor future marketing efforts for better ROI. Privacy Protection included. Unreadable by the naked eye. Reinforces message confidence and creates customer curiosity. Promote higher engagement.

🛠️ Explore all the features of our 2way SMS Marketing Platform

Gain access to complete SMS Marketing toolset. Make your texting outreach effortless as a breeze 💨, regardless of your business type.

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🛠️ Explore all the features of our 2way SMS Marketing Platform

Gain access to complete SMS Marketing toolset. Make your texting outreach effortless as a breeze 💨, regardless of your business type.

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open rate of SMS messages


recipients will read the SMS in first 5 minutes.


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Customer testimonials

I highly recommend 2way SMS service and SMS newsletter application for its versatility and effectiveness in running marketing campaigns. With this application, you will be able to easily manage your customer communication by sending personalized SMS messages and effectively run SMS newsletter campaigns.

Nikodem Grzeszczuk

Head of Digital Marketing, Rockwool

We’ve been using 2way SMS for our business, and it has been a game-changer. The ability to directly text our customers has opened up a whole new avenue for communication and marketing. With 2way SMS, we can engage with our customers by answering their questions, sending promotions, or collecting feedback. Our customers appreciate the personalized updates, appointment reminders, and special offers delivered straight to their phones. Damian has been essential to the success of our marketing efforts and the implementation of this new service.

Chase Roedel

Head of Marketing, Permaseal

Start growing your business with 2way SMS Marketing Platform

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Let's explore QR Code to Text Message FAQ

In this segment, we address common inquiries regarding the functionality and utility of using QR codes to initiate text messages. From understanding how it works to its practical applications in marketing and customer engagement. Whether you're curious about implementation steps or seeking clarity on potential benefits, you'll find valuable insights here.

What is an SMS QR Code?

An SMS QR Code is a type of QR code that allows users to scan and send a text message directly to a provided phone number without the need to type it manually.

How does the SMS QR Code Generator work?

The SMS QR Code Generator by 2way.app enables you to create QR codes that, when scanned, automatically open the user's messaging app with a pre-filled text message or direct them to send an SMS to a specific number.

What are the benefits of using SMS QR Codes?

By using text message QR codes, you can simplify the process of sending information or engaging with customers through text messages, making it more convenient and efficient for both parties.

Is it possible to track the performance of SMS QR Codes?

Yes, you can see how many people have sent a specific keyword that is integrated with the QR Code!

What is the purpose of using QR codes for SMS?

QR codes provide a convenient way to enhance text message communication. When scanned, they automatically prompt the user's device to open the messaging app with a pre-filled phone number and message.

How does scanning a QR code for SMS work?

When scanned using a smartphone, the QR code opens the messaging app with the designated phone number and message, simplifying the process of initiating a text message. It's very easy to do and to achieve, QR Codes are becoming more and more popular due to the fact they don't take a lot of space and also allow you to do marketing in the new effective way!

In what ways can SMS QR codes be used in marketing?

SMS QR codes can be integrated into marketing campaigns for engaging with customers. They can be added to promotional materials or advertisements to provide quick access to exclusive offers or information via text.

What are the benefits of using QR codes for text messages?

There are many benefits of using QR Codes as for text messaging, you can use them either for customer service or marketing.

  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Easy and convenient communication without manual input
  • Effective integration with marketing campaigns
How to Create QR Codes for SMS using 2WAY?

It's very easy all you have to do is:

  • Step 1: E-mail us at support@2way.app with the title mail as "QR Code for [company name]
  • Step 2: In the body of the message state to which phone number you'd like to have the QR Code attached to + what first message you'd like to have in it
  • Step 3: Click send and within 24h you'll have your QR Codes up and running!



How to use QR Codes for marketing purposes?

QR Codes in customer service can be used in many different ways, if you're sending your products and your customers require assistance you can have a small leaflet saying "Hi, if you need help with us, just scan this QR Code and send us a text". This could be a keyword as well, as HELP or PROBLEM for example. All those text messages would fall into our Chats section in our app.

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